philGRAD – The Graduate Academy of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

philGRAD Graduate Academy is a central facility of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. All doctoral researchers and postdocs can become members. Membership is voluntary and possible at any time. The profession-related Qualification Programme and other counselling services support the doctoral researchers and postdocs at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in each phase of their research studies. Fostering individual career development and networking amongst doctoral researchers are key features of philGRAD.

undefinedThe Rules of Procedure govern philGRAD’s objectives and structures are binding.

philGRAD joined forces with the undefinedMedical Research School (medRSD) Graduate Academy of the Faculty of Medicine, undefinediGRAD the Graduate Academy of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and undefinedJUNO, the Junior Scientist and international Researcher Center of Heinrich Heine University to form the undefinedHeine Research Academies (HeRA). For philGRAD members, this means that in addition to their own programme of events they have access to those workshops offered by iGRAD, medRSD and JUNO which are not restricted to the specific faculty.

Upcoming workshops

19. Oct. 2018

undefinedDas Exposé. Das Forschungsprojekt planen

Fri 10am-1pm

19. Oct. 2018

undefinedRohtexte kontinuierlich überarbeiten

Fri 2-5pm

25. Oct. 2018

undefinedGute Wissenschaftliche Praxis

Thu 10am-2pm

09./10. Nov. 2018

undefinedKinder UND Karriere meistern

Fri/Sat 9am-5pm

undefinedFull schedule


philGRAD supports you during your doctorate with various workshop and counselling offers. Take advantage of these and network with like-minded people. Here you will find a brief overview:

- Competences for Academic & Career -
undefinedRegular Writing Groups
- structured & successful to the goal -
undefinedConsulting and Coaching
- when challenges arise -
undefinedDoctorate Transcript
- Your career profile at a glance -
undefinedDoctoral Researchers' Meetings
- Network in the faculty -
undefinedFireside Chat
- Academic career paths -

philGRAD: jointly successful

Becoming a member of philGRAD is simple and uncomplicated. In the application for provisional or final acceptance as a doctoral student, you are given the opportunity to become a member. At any other time, a mail will suffice:

- simple and rewarding -
- stay informed -
Feedback, suggestions and wishes
- help to shape the offer -
Frequently Asked Questions
- here you will find the first answers -
Scholarships, positions, prizes
- Research funding at a glance -
Download Center
- all important forms and documents -

Our partner: the PhD Office

To give you a quick and reliable overview of the formalities required for a doctorate at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, we have compiled the most important information for you here:

Provisional acceptance as a doctoral researcher
Final acceptance as a doctoral researcher
Submission of your dissertation
Publication of your dissertation
PhD Party

As a member of philGRAD you can participate in all faculty-independent offers of the Heine Research Academies (HeRA). The travel grants are particularly attractive. HeRA includes:

Medical Research School (medRSD Medicin)iGRAD (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)JUNO Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center

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