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Confidential counselling in case of mental distress and/or acute crises

General Information:

 Target group: Doctoral researchers, postdocs and supervisors of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities


If you are not feeling well psychologically and you don't know who you can turn to in confidence, don't hesitate to call me or write to me. I am there for you and will help you!


I am happy to make appointments by telephone or in writing, online or on site. In acute cases, come directly to my office or call me!

There are countless reasons why we can feel mentally burdened and sometimes just don't know what to do. The most important thing in these crisis situations is that we are not alone or do not feel left alone. Even in the university environment, mentally stressful situations can arise that, in the worst case, seem hopeless to us. Talking about it and knowing that there is someone who listens and is there for me can be very helpful in stabilising oneself mentally and working out solutions together to overcome the crisis and look positively into everyday life again.

As a coach and mental health first aider, I am professionally trained to stand by you in times of crisis and guide you through them. Together we look for suitable solutions and options for action. Don't carry your worries around for too long, talk about your concerns at an early stage so that, in the best case, you can also get professional help at an early stage.

But also in acute cases, should an unexpected crisis situation befall you, contact me immediately and I will be happy to help you! You are not alone, I will listen to you and support you. I offer you a protected space and an empathetic ear!

Dr. Simone Brandes is a certified Mental Health First Aider, a trained coach (DCV-certified training) and a certified mediator.

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