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Supervision for counsellors / supervisors / reviewers

General Information:

    Target group: for all counsellors, supervisors, reviewers Language: German or English Registration: via e-mail to simone.brandes@hhu.de


If you are unable to attend the agreed coaching session, please cancel in good time so that I can re-allocate the appointment.


by appointment


Should you, as an advisor, supervisor and/or reviewer, find yourself in a challenging/ problematic discussion situation or supervisory relationship with your doctoral researchers or postdocs, you have the opportunity to reflect on the situation/ conversation/ incident within the framework of supervision and to work out possible solution strategies for better interaction. Supervision takes place in a confidential 1:1 setting.

Dr. Simone Brandes is a trained coach (DCV-certified training) and certified mediator as well as a mental health first aider and has been working as such in the Graduate Academy philGRAD for more than 8 years.


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