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Joint lunch break among like-minded people (online)

General Information:

    Target group: PhD students Language: German and English    Duration: 1 hour                      Rhythm: weekly Registration: any time by e-mail Number of participants: unlimited


Especially due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, regular exchange among doctoral students is very important to us!


Wednesdays 12.00-13.00 (weekly)


During the Corona protection measures, it is very difficult to almost impossible to meet with like-minded people and exchange ideas about the challenges and effects of the pandemic in and on the doctoral process. We quickly feel left alone and overwhelmed by a wide variety of difficulties, such as missing archive and conference trips, dismissals at short notice, unexpected care for children at home or piling up work orders and mountains of emails, etc., so that it is easy to simply shove the dissertation into the next corner and let it rest for now until the spook is over. The guilty conscience remains and grows daily. It doesn't have to become like that and certainly doesn't have to stay like that! Together we motivate ourselves to stay on the ball every day, because as we all know, a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.

For these reasons, philGRAD would like to give you the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas during a joint lunch break. You will receive a regular invitation to the Zoom meeting with the relevant access data. You are also welcome to register by email. Bring your topics and concerns as a basis for discussion. It helps to have a headset or headphones ready for undisturbed connection! The lunch break will be realised with the help of zoom.

We see the joint lunch break as an uncomplicated and open forum that thrives on you staying among each other, seeing each other, hearing each other, getting involved and exchanging your concerns.

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