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Zielgruppe:Promovierende und promovierte Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen. Der Workshop ist offen für Mitglieder der Graduiertenakademie philGRAD.
Workshopdauer:2 Tage, 10.00-18.00 Uhr

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The focus of this seminar is on both the writing and the publishing process in the English-language world. Participants study the required elements of journal article introductions and conclusions; the requirements of proper paragraphing in English; the position of the claim statement; the craft of writing a title; and the elements of an abstract. Participants also practice revising sentences to avoid common errors in academic writing (i.e., too much nominalization, inflated language use; lack of parallel structure, etc.). Finally, participants learn how to analyze journals to find the right fit for their work and how to communicate with editors.

Methods and Learning Results
After successful participation in this course, participants will have learned how to

  • write an introduction that captures their readership’s attention by stating the central thematic concepts of the paper, a conclusion that restates the claim and solution, and clear sections with topic sentences (article analysis);
  • revise their paper’s structure, sections, paragraphs and sentences according to English language norms (lecture, pair work);
  • analyze journals in their field to find the best fit for their paper (lecture, discussion);
  • write an abstract (writing exercise);
  • craft an attention-getting yet appropriate title (discussion, writing exercise);
  • write successful submission and revision letters to editors (lecture with hand-outs);
  • implement important English grammatical principles (such as avoiding nominalizations, using passive voice judiciously, using articles properly, pruning unnecessary verbiage, and creating parallel structure) (pair work, group discussion).

Special Conditions
Participants should write beforehand a paragraph-length abstract and one double-spaced page of an article and send them in MS-Word format to the seminar leader two weeks in advance of the seminar.

Trainer: Dr. Carrie B. Dohe; undefinedwww.carriebdohe.com


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