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Doctorate Transcript

After the successful completion of the doctorate philGRAD members can receive an official certificate (named Doctorate Transcript). The Transcript confirms the membership in philGRAD and furthermore all completed key qualification workshops for future employers.

The Transcript can also include further activities undertaken during the doctorate that are related to improve the candidate’s qualifications. For example: teaching experience, visitings of congresses and conferences, held performances and presentations, posted publications, prices, honors and scholarships and similar activities.

For better understanding you are given a sample to the right that might help you to imagine, how a certain qualifications overview could look like.

To receive the Doctorate Transcript after your doctoral studies, the obligations to philGRAD must have been complied at all times.

Such as

  • having entered a supervision agreement with a selected philGRAD supervision team
  • continuous documentation of the annual supervision meetings
  • one-time participation in a workshop "good scientific practice"
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