Here we have compiled some frequently asked questions together with our answers. If your question might not have been answered in detail, you are invited to contact us via Mail or in person.

General questions regarding doctoral studies

I would like to graduate at HHU. What are the next steps?
  • Doctoral Studies Office
    philGRAD supports you in achieving your doctorate, but is not responsible for any aspects of your formal registration. For all questions on registration processes, provisional acceptance or final acceptance of your doctorate please contact the Doctoral Studies Office.
I have questions on the PhD examination procedure. Whom should I approach?
  • Doctoral Studies Office
    For all general questions on doctoral studies (registration processes, provisional or final acceptance, etc.) please contact the Doctoral Studies Office.

Questions regarding membership

Who is allowed to become a member of philGRAD?
  • Membership and Supervisors
    Provisional or final accepted doctoral researchers at Faculty of Arts and Humanities at HHU and their supervisors can become members of philGRAD as well as postdoctoral researchers.
I want to become a member. What do I have to do?
  • Membership Application Forms
    Membership application forms for all target groups are available at the download center on the homepage of philGRAD.
Who has to sign the mempership application form for doctoral researchers?
I have successfully archieved my PhD. What about philGRAD?
  • Contact
    Please let the philGRAD Office know when you have received your doctorate successfully. Your membership in philGRAD ends with the date of your disputation which will confirmed in written form.
I want to leave philGRAD before graduation. Does this affect my doctoral studies in any way?
  • Contact
    If you would like to quit your membership in philGRAD out of different reasons before receiving your doctorate please contact the philGRAD Office.

Questions regarding annual supervision meetings

What is the purpose of recording the supervision meeting?
  • Supervision Relationship
    At least you meet once a year with your supervision team. The meetings shall ensure a transparent and reliable framework for the supervision of your PhD process. They give you the opportunity to set milestones and make agreements that can be checked afterwards at any time. Corresponding templates to record the meetings in minutes are prepared for download on the hompeage of philGRAD. Please hand in the signed minutes in copy at the philGRAD Office. You can also send them as scan via mail to the mail address: philgrad@phil.hhu.de.
When/how often must I arrange a supervision meeting?
  • Supervision Relationship
    Supervision meetings shall be arranged once a year (every 12 months). The deadline begins with the date of your last meeting. If your membership in philGRAD has just begun, the deadline is set with the first day of your membership, wich in doubt can be found on your philGRAD registration certificate.
What must I note in the records of the supervision meetings?
  • Supervision Relationship
    The record of a supervision meeting is part of the supervision agreement. It is used to ensure the verification of time- and research-plans of your doctoral studies, the description of absolved and planned qualification activities during the doctoral studies as well as it is a chance for feedback and appointements.

Questions on courses and events

Where can I find the current workshop-programme?
  • Workshop-programme and -information
    A complete overview of the current workshop- and event-programme of philGRAD can always be found on our homepage (course offers). You can also find detailed descriptions of all courses and contents.
I would like to join a course. Do I have to be member?
Can I only register for philGRAD-offers?
  • Course Offers
    philGRAD entered into a cooperation with the Graduate Schools medRSD (Faculty of Medicine) and iGRAD (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) specifically to create synergies for the workshop-programme. So if you should be interested in a course managed by medRSD or iGRAD you as a member of philGRAD are free to participate. In case, please contact the philGRAD Office, because your registration can only be declared via philGRAD.
I am interested in a course. How can I register?
  • Contact
    If you want to participate in any of our courses, you have to register officially. Just send a short mail to the philGRAD Office with your name and all needed information (i.e. title of course, date, time), so we can identify your registration unambiguously. Afterwards you are going to receive an official confirmation of your registration via mail. Unregistered participation in any course or event is not possible.
I am registered but can not/do not want to participate anymore. What to do?
  • Contact
    If you have registered for a course and also received an official confirmation of your registration via mail, your participation is binding, because your seat is reserved. If you no longer wish to participate for any reason, please tell the philGRAD Office immediately and in time (at least 7 days before). ATTENTION: If you should not deregister at all or in time, philGRAD may charge you a proportionate fee up to 200€ max. An exeption obviously is any case of illness. In this case please hand a medical certificate to the philGRAD Office, so the office is able to refrain from doing so.
Can I make use of the offers of philGRAD as an external doctoral researcher?
  • Course Offers
    All courses and events of philGRAD as well as professional coaching is only open to the members of the Graduate Schools philGRAD, medRSD and iGRAD. Consulting offers can be used by all members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Unfortunately external doctoral researchers can not make use of the workshop-programme of philGRAD.

Rights, obligations and costs

What rights do I have as a member of philGRAD?
What obligations do I have as a member of philGRAD?
  • Official Announcements
    All obligations can be found in the philGRAD-rules of procedure. The most important obligations in brief are: entering a supervision agreement with a philGRAD-team, annual supervision meetings together with your team and their records in notes, wich must be handed to philGRAD in copy and the one-time participation in a course "good scientific practice".
What does the membership in philGRAD cost?
Are there any fees charged for any offers of philGRAD?
  • Course Offers
    As a member of philGRAD you are able to participate in up to three two-days-workshops (two-days-workshops can be splitted into two one-day-workshops) as well as in the course "good scientific practice" for free.

Representation of doctoral researchers and networking

How can I get into contact with the other doctoral researchers of philGRAD?
  • Doctoral Researchers Network
    Networking of the doctoral researchers is very important to philGRAD. Annual network meetings, conferences, workshops and regulars' tables are good opportunities to meet like-minded people and exchange.
Who are the current representatives of doctoral researchers?
  • Executive Board
    The current representatives of the doctoral researchers are Svenja Wiertz and Jasmin Pfeifer. They manage the philGRAD-regulars' table and moderate the philGRAD fireside chat.

More questions, suggestions and feedback

Whom can I contact for feedback and suggestions?
  • Contact
    If you have any suggestions to our workshops and programme or would like to give us any sort of feedback, please do not hesitade to contact the philGRAD Office.


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