Our Principles

Our work at the Graduate Academy philGRAD is based on three main principles:

  •     Good scientific practice
  •     Structured and transparent supervision
  •     Acquisition of career-relevant competences

Good scientific practice: We support all doctoral researchers of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in dealing with the undefinedprinciples of safeguarding good scientific practice at the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, respecting them and adhering to them to the best of our knowledge and belief. Accordingly, we initiate a discourse and raise awareness of the principles of good scientific practice. For this purpose, we regularly offer the workshop undefinedintroduction to good scientific practice.

It is important to me to be an integer contact person for you. If you have any questions or would like to raise a concern, please feel free to contact me, the coordinator of philGRAD, at any time. In addition, the Ombudsperson for Good Scientific Practice is always available to you as a contact person in the Faculty Arts and Humanities. Further information is available undefinedhere.

Structured and transparent supervision: A well-functioning supervision contributes significantly to the success of your research project. This is why we support you and your team to enter into a reliable, transparent and regular supervision and to maintain this during your doctorate and maintain it with high quality. In doing so, we always follow the recommendations of the undefinedGerman Research Foundation (DFG) and the undefinedGerman Rectors' Conference (HRK). The principles of good supervision have been incorporated into the current doctoral regulations. A written supervision agreement and regular progress discussions form a reliable framework for you and your team.

It is important to us to support you in communicating your concerns and needs transparently and constructively with your supervision team. Should you ever be unsure and/or have questions, we are happy to offer you professional support in undefinedconfidential consultations and workshops.

Acquisition of career-relevant competencies: Whether you pursue your career path within the academic world or outside the Academia depends not only on your competencies, interests, passion and curiosity. Since we are not trained for a specific profession in the humanities, it is all the more important to transfer the knowledge and skills we have acquired during our doctorate to job advertisements and translate them into job profiles.

We pay great importance to supporting you in your orientation and preparation for your job entry with undefinedcounselling interviews, individual coaching as well as undefinedcareer workshops and network events. The undefinedDoctorate Transcript, which summarizes your extensive qualifications in an attractive folder, also offers your future employer a clear overview of your academic career.


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