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Publishing Research Findings in the Humanities and Social Sciences


Allgemeine Informationen

Zielgruppe: Promovierende und PostDocs                                               Sprache: Englisch                                        Dauer: 2 Tage                                 Anmeldung: 2 Wochen vorher Teilnehmerzahl: 12


Sollten Sie an dem Workshop nicht teilnehmen können, melden Sie sich bitte frühzeitig (spätestens 6 Werktage vorher) ab, damit wir den Platz weitervergeben können. Wenn Sie krankheitsbedingt nicht teilnehmen können, legen Sie bitte eine Bescheinigung Ihres Arztes vor.

Datum Uhrzeit Ort/Raum
o. A. Der Workshop wird noch terminiert.  

In the process of becoming academic writers, junior researchers seek a sound understanding of the requirements towards scientific writing which result from the expectations of scientific communities and journal editors. Understanding these requirements is all the more relevant as journals propose a variety of publication formats. Moreover, reporting research findings in the Humanities and Social Sciences is frequently dedicated to informing public debate and, thus, writing for readers across the disciplines.

This workshop provides valuable insight into existing conventions and offers tools and strategies to meet journal expectations. Participants learn to recognise the structure and organisation of research papers, practice achieving greater efficiency in the writing and self-editing processes, and learn to appreciate and professionalize peer feedback as a beneficial routine in academic text production.

  • submitting a draft for peer and trainer feedback
  • selecting a model research article from an English language journal
  • relating reader expectations to text genre
  • comparing the organisation of research articles
  • practising the writing process approach
  • rationalising the drafting and revision processes
  • building one’s argument and testing it
  • theme-focused peer and trainer feedback
  • developing author responsibility and reader focus

Note for participants

Prior to the workshop, you will receive a “Call for Texts” requesting you to submit a sample of your own academic writing. This writing sample will provide the basis for peer and trainer feedback during the workshop. Furthermore, as the structure of research articles varies greatly from one discipline to the next, participants will also be requested to select a model research article from a leading English language journal in their field and to bring this model with them to the workshop for our comparative study of text genres.

Requirement concerning English language skills
To benefit from this workshop, participants should have achieved the English level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and be progressing towards level C2.

  • individual practise and group sessions
  • writing and rewriting samples
  • theme-focused peer and trainer feedback

Professor Monique Dorang, PhD, is a trainer and consultant for academic writing and publishing. She conducts workshops in collaboration with graduate schools, research centres, and foundations. She also provides analytical editing and personal counselling for graduates and postgraduates.