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Individual short-term coaching

General Information:

    Target group: PhD students and doctoral candidates                            Language: German or English Registration: anytime Number of participants: individual


If you are unable to attend the agreed coaching session, please cancel in good time so that I can re-allocate the appointment.


 I am happy to make appointments by telephone or in writing, online or on site.

Short-term coaching is a unique offer at Heinrich Heine University for doctoral students and doctoral graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It is aimed at all young academics who have doubts and questions about their goals and would like professional, individual support. After a preliminary discussion to clarify your goals, we devote 2-4 sessions (60-70 minutes each) to your personal concerns. With the help of (creative) coaching methods, I support you individually according to your needs in working out and achieving your goal.


Especially during a doctorate and/or in the working environment of a university, numerous topics arise that lend themselves to short-term coaching: Motivation, supervision, time management, writing processes, writer's block, work-life balance, conflicts, professional orientation and career, etc.


Short-term coaching is above all one thing: solution-oriented. It offers you the opportunity to (re)gain confidence in yourself with the help of your own (rediscovered) resources and abilities and to develop tailor-made solutions for yourself. In doing so, I prepare a framework and a trusting environment for you in which you can formulate your goals and work out the solutions to them yourself with my support. This is a very effective method to achieve maximum implementation success in a relatively short time.

It is a great concern of mine to (sometimes) rediscover your potentials and resources together with you and to use them to develop optimal solutions for you. I would like to offer you a space in which you can confidently talk about your concerns. Often it is a new and fresh perspective on an entrenched situation that enables the adjusting screw for a different and new awareness of your own actions. Try it out!

If you have any questions or would like to register for a short-term coaching session, please send me an email or give me a call!

Dr. Simone Brandes is a trained coach (DCV-certified training) and has been working as such in the Graduate Academy philGRAD for more than 6 years.


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