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Financing options and funding programmes

philGRAD offers neither doctoral scholarships nor doctoral positions. However, we do publish relevant offers from the Faculty of Humanities as well as external advertisements here.

philGRAD will be happy to advise you on scholarship offers and funding opportunities for doctoral students at the Faculty of Humanities. If you are interested, please make an appointment with Dr. Simone Brandes. In addition, we will give you an initial overview of other national and international funding opportunities as well as career portals on the pages below.

Information material
The brochure "Doctoral Scholarships" (PDF for download / German) from the Equal Opportunities Officer provides an initial overview of scholarships for doctoral students with information on specific funding, application requirements, application processes and deadlines to be met.

The scholarships described in the brochure are divided into classic doctoral scholarships with an average duration of 2 to 4 years, scholarships for research stays abroad and subject-specific scholarships.
Another section deals with the topic of "printing cost grants", because the successful completion of a doctorate must also be planned in good time. Lists of scholarship databases on the internet, doctoral student forums and internal university contact points as well as general information on application processes and documents can be found at the end of the brochure.


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