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Career counselling/coaching for doctoral researchers and postDocs

General Information:

    Target group: PhD students and doctoral candidates                     Language: German or English Registration: by email


If you are unable to attend the counselling session, please cancel in good time so that I can assign the appointment to someone else.


 I am happy to make appointments by telephone or in writing, online or on site.


Not all doctoral students and graduates currently employed at German universities will (be able to) pursue an academic career. On the one hand, their number clearly exceeds the need for academic staff, and on the other hand, the non-academic labour market also has attractive fields of employment with often less precarious employment contracts for young academics.

Often, however, doctoral graduates do not realise the wide range of their professional opportunities. The variety of skills acquired during the doctoral phase remains unrecognised, especially by us humanities graduates. Individual career coaching can help to achieve a more differentiated self-assessment and a clearer picture of one's own strengths, talents and abilities. Insights into your own motivation and interests as well as the development of new professional perspectives are goals that can be worked out by yourself under the individual guidance of a coach. During this turbulent phase of your life, take care of your professional perspectives at an early stage and use the opportunity to deal with your professional goals and wishes.

I will also be happy to help you with a concrete application portfolio check for jobs and scholarships.

Dr. Simone Brandes is a trained coach (DCV-certified training) and has been working as a career advisor and coach in the philGRAD Graduate Academy for more than 6 years.


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