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Confidential conflict counselling

General Information:

 Target group: Doctoral researchers, postdocs and supervisors of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities


If you are unable to attend the counselling session, please cancel in good time so that I can assign the appointment to someone else.


I am happy to make appointments by telephone or in writing, online or on site.

Frictions and annoyances are often interpersonal and we encounter them every day. It is therefore obvious that feelings of disturbance can also arise among those involved in doctoral matters. Different expectations, needs and interests can sometimes lead to conflicts between supervisors and doctoral researchers if we do not communicate our views and opinions objectively, transparently and clearly.

Sometimes it helps to inform a neutral person about one's own situation and to reflect on one's own actions and attitudes through a change of perspective in order to arrive at a satisfactory solution. philGRAD offers you the opportunity for a confidential discussion in the event of an annoyance, disturbance or even conflict. You are also welcome to come to a meditation talk with your conflict partner.

Dr. Simone Brandes is a trained coach (DCV-certified training) and certified mediator.

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